About ME

Here I am, mid-30s, obligation free (for now) and really starting to question what’s up with life. 

I’m probably not wrong in saying there would be a large majority of people like me out there. 

Those who’ve slowly lifted their head out of their rollercoaster 20s, when it was career, relationship, and just really getting their shit together to understand what to make of this life. 

And all of a sudden the fog clears. 

What’s meant to happen next? 

Have I ‘achieved’? What exactly am I striving for? 

What makes me tick?  Where do my passions lie? 

Back in 2007, I landed in London on my big O.E. (what us Kiwis call the Overseas Experience). 

And the summer was absolute SHITE.  Having flown in from sunny Brazil, I was appalled. 

I had 3 years of an advertising career under my belt, so I hustled along to the recruitment agents to throw my hat into the ring for freelance work. 

And so began my love affair with Europe.

A few months work through the winter months, and as the days started to warm, off I popped.

Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Croatia, Austria, France, Greece - I ticked some wonderful boxes along the way. 

And I was always able to slot back into a freelance role on return.  

Fast forward to Sydney, 7 years later - and that is the path that my career has taken.   

A serial freelancer if you will.  

The flexibility has meant I can come and go as my life plans take shape.  I am an invaluable asset for my ability to slot straight in to high pressure situations. 

And the money helps balance out the trips away. 

So now what?

I’m on a bit of a life quest I suppose. 

God that sounds a bit dull doesn’t it? 

How about this.

I’m on a mother-fucking life-win go-big-or-go-home escapade. 

I don’t want to sit passively by, and feel any of those regrets those dying old people have in those articles you read on Facebook (that guilt me into calling my parents because you should always tell people you love them more than you do)

Let's make it happen

In this blog you’ll find my stories.

The stories of things that get me excited, frustrated, that intrigue and fascinate me.

The focus for you and I - hacking this thing called life and living big and bold. 

I hope you'll join me as I go.